French Classes for Children and their Parents on Saturday Mornings


September 2022 update:

École du Samedi will be offering only virtual classes for the school year 2022-2023.

École du Samedi, the French School of Charlotte aims to create a French speaking cultural environment especially dedicated to children and their families. École du Samedi, has been created on the model of École du Samedi of Atlanta. The two schools share the same mission and philosophy. They follow the same programs and policies.

  • We offer several different levels of study according to the level of proficiency.
  • Classes for children age 3-12 and their parents in all proficiency levels from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM (exact times to be determined).
  • 30 Saturdays of French immersion with native instructors
  • Native and non-native tracks available

L'Ecole du Samedi's mission is to empower children to learn the French language using an engaging, stimulating curriculum that provides an education that fosters intellectual curiosity and instills an appreciation of French culture and awareness of our multicultural world in a nurturing, child-focused environment.

The organization runs solely on the volunteer commitment, time and energy of parents who wish to foster a French community in the Charlotte area.

Francophiles and French natives are welcome to celebrate France and to learn French.
The primary goal of the Parent Board of EDS is to help better identify areas of improvement and to create execution plans that not only live up to the mission of the school but better enhance the French education of the children.

In order to improve our organization, we welcome ideas and volunteers to continue to grow and develop our programs to better serve those enrolled.

Together, with our teachers, we look forward to working with each of you on the development of your child (children).



École du Samedi de Charlotte
and its Teachears are members of
the Alliance Française de Charlotte.